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Service Policies

Consultations are priced for individual customers. Additions of new evaluations will incur extra charges accordingly.

The following requirements before consultation are to be completed before assignment as not to incur extra charges:

  • Washed, dried, and combed hair.

  • Wear comfortable clothing.

  • All household members scheduled to be evaluated must be present and treated that day.


Service Guarantee

Comb It Away is dedicated to our clients' 100% satisfaction and provides a 30 Day Guarantee after your lice treatment completion.


Guarantee Fulfilment Requirements:


The customer will be required to pay upfront for a consultation appointment or follow-up appointments to determine the presence of head lice. Two or three weeks (15 to 22 days) after your first appointment, a re-check may be scheduled for traces of lice or nits (eggs). IF head lice are present after the complete treatment instructions have been followed, free treatment will be provided to you as our 100% Guarantee Service.


All household members present and caregivers (i.e., babysitters) are checked and treated for head lice on the same day. Otherwise, the guarantee is voided, with no exceptions.


Clients must follow complete treatment instructions, which we will provide to you.


IF head lice are discovered after following the treatment instructions, we will provide the clients with free treatment. During the 30 days after successful treatment completion, we request that you save any evidence of lice or nits. Confirming an active lice infestation is required for the guarantee to apply.

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